Guidance and pictures of the town Egloffstein in the Frankish Switzerland (upper Franconia, Bavaria)

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Yard at the castle of Egloffstein (7 kByte) • For gallery 'Egloffstein today' click here
Gallery of Egloffstein today
Pictures of the most interesting spots in town
Wash well (7 kByte) • For gallery 'Easter wells and springs in Egloffstein ' click here
Easter wells and springs in Egloffstein
The decorated easter wells and springs are a tradition in the Frankish Switzerland
historical drawing of the castle (7 kByte) • For gallery 'Guidance through the centuries' click here
The history of Egloffstein
A guidance through the centuries
wild sow. Oil painting (18 kByte) • For gallery 'Art in Egloffstein: Pictures from atelier Klar' click here
Art in Egloffstein:
Pictures from the atelier Klar